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Enhance Your Braille Literacy Today!
BrailleTeach™ is a pocket-sized electronic device that allows anyone with visual impairments (BVI) to learn the Braille 6-dot code quickly through interactive games.

Why BrailleTeach™?

Interactive Voice Menu

The device's interactive voice menu provides an intuitive and user-friendly way for people to learn Braille in just three months.

Affordable Price

With an affordable price range, we hope to make learning Braille far more accessible to our users.

8 Built-in Games

The BrailleTeach™ device includes 8 in-built interactive games that make learning braille engaging, helping users achieve proficiency swiftly.


The device is multilingual, providing support for multiple languages to make learning braille accessible to a wider audience.


BrailleTeach's ergonomic design provides a comfortable and intuitive learning experience, making it easy for users to focus on mastering Braille.


The device's design allows users to learn Braille at their own pace and track their progress, making it an effective tool for independent learners.
What is Braille?
Your time to learn Braille starts now!
Braille is a system of raised dots that allows visually impaired individuals to read and write through touch. The Braille system is based on a grid of six dots, arranged in two columns with three dots each.

By combining different dot patterns, the system represents letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and even musical and mathematical symbols. Each Braille character or "cell" can be felt with the fingertips, allowing individuals to read by running their fingers over the dots and interpreting the patterns.
While these figures are estimates, they can give you an understanding of the average duration it takes each age group to learn Braille.
How long does it take to learn Braille?
School-going children ages 6 - 12
Children in this age group typically have a higher capacity for learning compared to other age groups.1-3 years depending on the intensity of their instruction.
Teenagers ages 13 - 19
Adults ages 19 and older
Teenagers who are motivated to learn Braille can make significant progress in a relatively short period. They may become proficient Braille users within 6 months to 2 years.
Learning Braille as an adult can take more time and effort. However, with the right support and determination, adults can learn Braille in 1-4 years. However, this can vary.
BrailleTeach helps you learn Braille's
6-dot code irrespective of your age!
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